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Discussion (19)¬

  1. Am I first. Oh the thrill. Assuming you can keep children “innocent”, i.e. ignorant of reality, is to give pedophiles a real leg up, so to speak.

  2. M27Holts says:

    Aye the protesters hypocrisy is only equalled by their pig ignorant prejudice…I would have beaten you but was interrupted by a business call PAH! And I have man-flu so may not make it thru the night…

  3. Michael says:

    Sex education isn’t threatening little children’s’ innocence, it’s making parents uncomfortable about questions they don’t have good answers to.

  4. CliffB says:

    This is an interesting one as the lessons could be construed as indoctrination of children by the state. However, the people complaining are people who indoctrinate their children from an even younger age into silly superstitious beliefs that fit them badly for integration into wider society, and who also commonly sexualise their little girls very early.

  5. Now that I’ve established my position at the top of the thread I can take a bit more time to respond to this issue.
    The first question a pedophile asks a potential victim is “Do you know what it’s called?” If the child has only silly baby talk names for their genital, like “willy” or “pee pee”, the predator knows they are dealing with a child who has no adult in his or her life who communicates with them. That’s very valuable information for a pedophile to have. Equating ignorance with innocence is a huge mistake. It’s the child’s innocence , combined with intense curiosity, that makes them a willing victim. They are always interesting in new information about that forbidden area between their legs. They don’t like being ignorant of something all adults seem to find so fascinatingly taboo.

  6. rebecca says:

    I was taught that when teaching young children about ‘difficult’ (for the parents) issues that you start by asking the kids what they already know about it. you might be surprised! then you correct obvious falsehoods and no one can say you were forcing ideas on them

  7. So Jesus says “christ!” when annoyed! So typical – it’s all just “me me me” with these goddy types.

  8. Laripu says:

    Ophelia, no kidding. “You shall have no other gods before Me.”

    me me me indeed.

  9. M27Holts says:

    Yeah. But it was all written by men. Remember! So easy to defer to the supernatural. So resist people…

  10. Laripu says:

    M27Holts … waitaminute … all written by men, you say ?!?
    Next you’ll be telling me that Santa and the tooth fairy have no basis in reality !! If that’s true, then why was there reindeer poop under my pillow last Christmas, after I’d put my wife’s dentures there? Huh? Huh? Answer me that !!


  11. M27Holts says:

    Well if it was reindeer poop in your bed. I would suggest that your wife is a prankster or you like to introduce other species of mammals into your sex play….

  12. SmallVoice says:

    Many decades ago, I found this on the Internet:

    “Wonder and hope will draw the unicorn,
    Faith and love will bind him.

    This is innocence.

    Sexual experience
    Has nothing to do with it.”

    Micheal, there is no reason why parents should be “uncomfortable”.

    “Part A goes into part B. They are jiggled about a bit. Seed is left in B, sort of like half of the instructions for building a model aeroplane. Baby is made. Baby is extracted. Boom, you have an irritating, annoying, obnoxious little brother.” What could possibly be “uncomfortable” about any of that?

    Sex should be taught to the young like eating, peeing or any other bodily function. It is no more than those. More fun, maybe, but no more “filthy”.

    Okay, more fun definitely but that’s only because of chemical soups and nerve tinglings. Evolution in action, DNA trying to eat the universe. A reward for all the effort of finding those special gifts to make her happy.

    Innocence is joy in the magic and beauty of the world. It is enhanced by knowledge of how the place works. Rainbows and cats are more wonderful when you know how they do their thing. Knowledge of sex, if treated as just one more aspect of the human condition, is no bar to innocence.

    It’s a shame that the more popular cults to survive were driven by geriatric males who were ashamed of their limpness so created beardy spirit guides with sexual hang-ups and not the more liberal, easy-going pantheistic ones. Life would be a lot better had someone like Bacchus or Venus become our “lord and saviour”.

    Maybe we wouldn’t have been so self-hating, self-destructive and nuts.

  13. Alexis says:

    For 99% of human history (made up statistic) and still in many parts of the world families have lived in one room dwellings. Innocence as used here is a very recent concept!

  14. Laripu says:

    SmallVoice, “DNA trying to eat the universe” … What a great phrase! Definitely needs to be in a poem.

  15. iainc says:

    It’s not even that level of sex education. It’s literally at the level of “David has two dads and Keith has two mums – and that’s OK. Marriage is between two people who love each other. Imran goes to the Mosque and Elijah goes to Temple and that’s OK too. let’s celebrate that everyone is different. etc…”.

  16. martin_z says:

    …Baby is extracted…What could possibly be “uncomfortable” about any of that?

    I asked my wife about that, and her reply was unprintable… 😉

    But I do take your general point, nevertheless.

  17. M27Holts says:

    Nothing wrong in telling young children that its ok to have two dads or two mums….6th century bigotry and complete garbage fed into receptive young minds is far more dangerous…Time the government banned the brain washing of kids with pernicious religious dogma…..

  18. Mockingbird says:

    Don’t tell kids that your guesswork is the truth.

  19. Solo Hands says:

    Okay, Laripu:

    The Ages Of Heroes

    Eight hundred millennia of twisted Physics,
    Faster than light drives and the greening of worlds.
    Diaspora of the living trans-Galactics,
    D.N.A. trying to eat the Universe;
    Succeeding mightily.

    Ten thousand million cities
    On and associated with a hundred milliard worlds.
    The vast, empowered Children of Earth standing
    Under the suns of a score of Galaxies.

    Twisted physics and a bright, bright dawn of love
    Intelligence, thought and joy in Life
    The Journey has begun
    The starworlds breathe

    The cosmos lives

    SH, 6/10/2021. 18:12-ish.

    Good enough, Laripu?


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