I write this shit, Jesus. And I pay for your beer.

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  1. HaggisForBrains says:

    Love it! Very meta.

  2. MarkyWarky says:

    Brilliant, just brilliant. It’s easy to think these strips just come together perfectly formed, but there’s obviously a lot of work we never get to see. Thanks for the BTS glimpse 🙂

  3. Dennis Lynch says:

    Very clever. I always wondered whether these actors have their own dressing rooms, trailers or tents.

  4. Tlaloc says:

    Funny, but I’m a bit disappointed that this comic is not about circumcision.

    @MarkyWarky: You’re not saying the strips have *evolved*, are you?

  5. MarkyWarky says:

    @ Tlaloc, no, I think they’re intelligently designed!!

  6. frannyy says:

    marv. as ever. Pope joke coming soon?

  7. machigai says:

    Can a clip show be far behind?

  8. David says:

    Almost dropped me new Jesus and Mo cup.

  9. I was relieved that it wasn’t about circumcision. Who needs to revisit that thread? And a bloopers reel is totally a hoot, Author.

  10. MarkyWarky says:

    @DH, circumcision thread? What, they sew it back on? Or do they tie it up and wait for it to drop off naturally?

  11. Mother Goose says:

    The Author is one smart dude, dudes. And funny as hell! errrr heck!
    I swear and avow I am not a spammer.

  12. Tomfoolery says:

    I lol’ed at the boom mic panel

  13. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    And yet Barmaid, ever the professional, manages not to get her head into shot. Bloody amateurs, that pair.

    DH et al, I’ve left a short post on the last thread regarding Leon.

  14. Hahahahaha brilliant.

    You could also do a meta one like The Office and Modern Family, where they talk to the camera. It’s especially meta in Modern Family, because there is no wispy back story about a documentary, they just sit down and talk to the camera for no reason, as if we all had camera crews waiting for us to sit down and talk. Which maybe we do!! And the crew’s name is God!!!

    snort snuffle

  15. Your cartoons are blasphemous, offensive and very badly drawn. Thank you.

  16. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Ophelia, just imagine watching his outtakes. Think how many actors could have been lost filming the Abraham and Isaac story;
    “Will the messenger please try to get here before he plunges the fucking knife”

  17. oldebabe says:

    Does one have to be somehow part of the `in’ group to understand what’s being depicted and laughed about?

  18. MarkyWarky says:

    @oldebebe, do you mean this particular strip, or J&M in general?

  19. JoJo says:

    Look on the bright side. At least the wine is cheap..

  20. Dan says:


    If this is your first strip I can see why you might ask that.

    Why not start at the beginning. The strips are both topical and timeless.

  21. Nassar Ben Houdja says:

    Out takes, it is to deplore.
    Ho hum, or maybe a snore.
    In the author’s defence.
    Attribute it to artistic license.
    Creativity is sometimes a chore.

  22. Tomfoolery, yeah, the boom mike shot is a gas. But that’s a lot more headroom than the boom man would ever expect. He’d be pushing that frame down if he was working for me. 🙂

  23. Nassar Ben Houdja, I think it’s now time for you to fuck right off.

  24. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Ah come on, DH. Nassar accusing Author of a lack of creativity? That’s priceless, old friend. That’s the equivalent of me calling somebody of the calibre of, say, Stephen Hawking (right first time, hotrats) an armchair scientist (see what I did there? I didn’t until I re-read for editing. Made myself chuckle too).

  25. AofS re Nassar, point taken. I need to get my sense of humour back. Comment on previous thread noted and responded.

  26. charlie bear says:

    Out takes at Jesus and Mo, who would have guessed…………..LOL

  27. Len says:

    Out takes. Excellent – great idea for a strip.

    Is there a deleted scenes section too?

  28. MarkyWarky says:

    Personally I think DH was right first time re NBH. This weeks effort is as close to scanning properly as we’ve had from him, but still too far off to be worth posting. Thing is, I think he’s enjoying his notoriety now; I wonder if he’d stop if we stopped commenting on him?

    Response from Leon in the previous thread, and I’ve replied to him. It actually could be quite an interesting discussion. Sod all to do with the previous strip or even this site, but interesting none the less 🙂

  29. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Marky, although I’m half sure it’s inadvertant, Nassar can nontheless be very funny. The secret is not to take hin too seriously and just enjoy. If you look back through the last couple of years (since Nassar decided to post entirely in verse) you’ll see that he was largely ignored for long periods, but was never deterred from contributing.
    In our virtual Cock & Bull snug, he’s the guy who sits by himself in the corner making seemingly random, nonsensical comments and annoying the crap out of the rest of the room, but whose absence is noted if he fails to show.

  30. MarkyWarky says:

    Kind of like the nutter on the bus you mean? OK, on that basis, I guess he’s harmless (except to verse), so can stay 🙂

  31. WalterWalcarpit says:

    DH, I agree. That was not in the least the boom operator’s fault. The composition as it is is diabolical. One might be tempted to summon the production designer.
    The huge irony is that that empty space is usually taken up by a speech bubble or a standing prophet and if the director had only called “Action!” or waited for the dialogue to be delivered we would never have seen the boom in shot at all.

    Gosh, Author, you have taken on a lot of responsibility as a solo set up. I think you can be forgiven for all of these bloopers.
    Oh! Except for the pigeon. That was sublime.
    Did it think Mo was a statue? Can’t have been a Muslim pigeon in that case.

  32. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    DH & WWc, c’mon guys. It’s Author, not Sam Goldwyn. Anyway, he needed the headroom to make the gag work – which unintentionally sounds rather auto-erotic. What with that and my recent ‘Hawking / armchair scientist’ line, I’m beginning to worry I’m being possessed by Jimmy Carr 😉

  33. Erichalfabee says:

    Hey! Which part of that did take seriously?

  34. machigai says:

    off-topic but funny
    link to a Sinfest comic

  35. botanist says:

    Thanks machigai There seem to be over 12 years of the Sinfest comics, and it looks like 1 a day.
    See you in a while then, I may be some time……

  36. omg says:

    I was sure I had read every Sinfest, but I can not remember of this one. Thank for sharing.

  37. Ketil W.Grevstad says:

    wery funny this one

  38. AllahATtheBar says:

    Eating peanut butter is not advisable whilst reading J&M. I almost died just now. You got me, author. I’ve been working my way though the archives and after scaring the hell out of my cats with my near-death experience a moment ago, I immediately bought a J&M coffee mug. That’s logical, right? Laugh–>nearly die–>buy a mug.


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