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  1. Robin Moore says:

    On top of the main gag in your cartoons, I always get a kick out of the books you have the guys reading.

  2. Ketil W.Grevstad says:

    this one was funny 🙂 hehe

  3. mt says:

    this might just be the greatest one yet!

  4. Mars says:

    Truly thou hast made me piss myself.

  5. Ryan says:

    I have a question for Mo…

    If a Muslim goes into space, how does he pray? Which direction is east? Surely it moves due to orbit…


  6. Cassandra says:

    In response to Ryan

    I am not a Muslim but I do believe the answer is that all Muslims pray towards Mecca (which is in the East), so if they were in space they would still just pray towards the same place, regardless of where it would be on a compass.

  7. Rafael says:

    More for Ryan…

    While in orbit the praying position would constantly change as you go about the trajectory. It’d be like travelling in a Emirates flight, where video screens always display a discreet arrow pointing the current direction of Mecca, albeit a bit faster.

    The issue for Mo is what you would do in ‘deep’ space, where the concept of cardinal points become meaningless. On a more positive note, it would be impossible mooning Mecca 5 times a day because you are not on a sphere. So, what to do? Go to space and be unable to pray towards Mecca or stay on planet Earth and keep on mooning Mecca?? Like Mo said: “Better keep that one quiet”

  8. TaoAndZen says:

    Rafael. That thought is equally funny as the cartoon.

    I suppose it would be possible to avoid Antipodean mooning by devising a contraption whereby one could maintain an inverted position praying downwards with butt pointed skyward. But then, would such a position qualify as prostrate? It remains a dilemma.

    I suspect ‘The Muslims’ would not have a problem identifying the direction of Mecca from deep space. Notional Euclidian geometry could be invoked (line of sight) but one still has the problem of prostration versus direction. On a rotating planet the direction of Mecca would change throughout your ‘day’, whatever you calculate that to be.

    Perhaps a more vexing problem for the devout space traveller subject to Relativistic effects would be how to calculate Ramadan. Does one use elapsed Earth time or elapsed personal time? No doubt the calculation of daylight (fasting) hours would present an opportunity for advantage exceeding that currently afforded Muslims living in Northernmost latitudes. Allah is ever merciful.

  9. Rafael says:

    Hey Tao&Zen!

    Thanks for the comments – they make me laugh!

    Ramadan presents other interesting problem. I think the Koran requires a Muslim cleric to physically view the first waxing crescent after the new moon to announce the beginning of Ramadan. If the cleric experiences cloudy nights, Ramadan is then delayed accordingly. That is why it usually begins at different days across the Islamic world. So, if you can’t actually see the moon, when would Ramadan begin?

    Back on Earth, Allah is not merciful with everybody! Imagine those hungry guys working in an Antarctic base in a year when Ramadan falls on December!!

  10. TaoAndZen says:

    Author, thanks for the link. Reality frequently exceeds the most fanciful parody in comic absurdity.

    Thanks Rafael. I’ve often wondered wether Australian Muslims feel somehow hard done by. No doubt Tasmania is an unpopular emigration destination. You pose an interesting problem regarding the beginning of Ramadan. Perhaps by putting our heads together we can assist those Islamic ‘Rocket Scientists’ as they endeavour to appease their god with some ingenious suggestions of our own. (It was so much easier in Abraham’s day when all one needed to do was set fire to a goat and sleep with your sister-in-law.)

  11. If vertical orientation matters, a Muslim In Spaaace could arrange the prayer-rug so that its “down” is toward Earth.

  12. ono says:

    In response to Author’s link…

    “It’s as important as sending the astronaut,” said Mustafa Din bin Subari, deputy director of Angkasa, Malaysia’s space agency. “We want to stress that being a Muslim does not restrict you from doing anything.”

    Unless you are a woman who wants to drive her convertible over to the University and feel the wind in her hair while she does so.

  13. TaoAndZen says:

    … then pop into the SU bar for a Pint and a packet of Pork Scratchings.

  14. rodric the monkey slapper says:

    and get a us visa to go to disney world.

  15. JohnnieCanuck says:

    or allow blind people with guide dogs in your taxi

  16. yelinna says:

    it’s pretty clear that Jesus and Mo don’t do anything in bed but reading or sleeping!!


  17. Osama says:

    This is really stupid.

  18. xznofile says:

    Space is full of meteors, it seems any direction would work.

  19. beerslayer says:

    Since the original link provided by the author is no longer valid, I poked around a bit and found the current location:

    This is, I’m pretty sure, the same article referenced above.

  20. BtVSJMlol says:

    hahahahaha…that is all
    oh, and LOL!

  21. Chaos says:

    Yep, that whole line will only make sense as a reason to hate gay and lesbian folks when gay men become women, and lesbian women become men. Tho if that happened……..ummmm yeeeaaah..

  22. Simes says:

    “…keep our boxer shorts on” – excellent!


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