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  1. Jonathan says:

    Bush hates stem cells.. they make him feel under developed.

  2. TB says:

    Well that made my day. After recovering from the scooter accident which tore out a good chunk out of my left arm.

    YOu keep my spirits high JandMo!

  3. Tie says:

    not a well known fact that embryonic stem cell research is conducted using the spare and discarded embryos from IVF treatment, that end dead anyway.

    I guess better just dead than used for life saving science in the eyes of the faithful

    micro-coffins lol

  4. JayBee says:

    Bush might be one of the most retarded presidents USA has ever had!

    Mo’s idea is fantastic! hehe… made my day too 😉

  5. Catherine says:

    It’s not an original thought, but I can’t help finding it odd that people like Bush who believe that judicial murder of adult human beings and bombing cities full of innocents are justified ahould be so very concerned about the human rights of microscopic entities which can only be considered human by an immense stretch of the imagination they so obviously lack.

  6. simon says:

    Catherine, it’s not that they lack the imagination, but more that they’re courting the votes of a bloc that dictates such issues. The Rabid Right(TM) have declared a number of decrees, including the imminent rapture, and in order to continue to ‘serve the nation’ he must appease anyone who has bloc votes for wholesale.

  7. Jason says:

    What if I went around and smashed all endangered species eggs and went inside of animals and put to death the life growing within them? I bet you that even you people would call me wrong… Hypocrisy is not limited to the “Church”. Abortion is sick. I pray the end shall come soon. The Bible has a distinct prophecy about the sun scorching us because we have polluted the earth, in those very words… may global warming come, for the solution to cancer is its removal.

  8. eviltwin says:

    lol at Jason.

    At, not with.

  9. Nes says:

    Your deity of choice sure seems to be taking its sweet time, Jason. The end of the world — brought about by alleged moral decay, no less — has only been coming for, oh… nearly 3,000 years.

  10. Ranga says:

    Can stem cells be used to bring back a retarded brain in function again?
    We have a candidate who may be unwilling, but is perfect for trials …. further loss to intelligence will not be noticed. 🙂

  11. Last Hussar says:

    Having read a number of Jason’s comments you have to wonder about some people.

    Stem Cells are just a bundle of cells, none of which has taken on any characteristic. We are not talking about ripping babies from wombs, it is using embryos that are not required for IVF, so will be disposed of anyway.

  12. Smeech says:

    LOL, Jason you are classic.

  13. dd says:

    “Abortion is sick.”


    “I pray the end shall come soon.”
    “solution to cancer is its removal.”

    You pray for the death of all mankind because you want to end the practice of abortion? What kind of mentally sick person are you? Oh I know religious sickness…

    Yeah. “Hypocrisy is not limited to the “Church”. ” Include yourself.

  14. Taras Shevchenko says:

    Hey, um, Bush didn’t “ban” stem-cell research–universities, states, and private companies could and did continue to do it–he just ended federal funding of it.

  15. fenchurch says:

    I think that Jason is trying to defend his god’s title as the universe’s biggest mass murderer: all those preventable deaths from childhood diseases/famine, rebooting the world’s then-population with a flood, the failure of a large number of fertilised cells to implant/spontaneous abortions (ie. miscarriages)… the responsibility of taking over 50 billion born innocent lives can be put at the stinky feet of his capricious made-up deity, and that’s totally fine.

    The *real* crime is for a person to govern her or his own body or conscience, right Jason?

  16. Bones'sDog says:

    JB, writing in 2007, as I am in 2017 your comment is hilarious.

    Though one does wonder what, if anything will be president in 2027?(1)

    H. L. Mencken was not pessimistic enough.

    (1) I hope J&M is still around, what passes for Civilisation in these parts hasn’t ceased to exist, Author is hailed as a respected, world-renowned Classic Writer with several Nobels and these comments are still open so someone can tell us exactly how bad the 2027 president is, or are.

  17. postdoggerel says:

    Bones’sDog, It isn’t 2027 yet, but Mencken was spot on so far. A realist, dismal and prophetic, sullen, grim, and prescient. I don’t know if his genius could have conceivably anticipated Trump as president, but he certainly deserves a posthumous cigar.

  18. Solo Hands says:

    Ms. Fenchurch, I am a little late in correcting you and I apologise for doing so but JHV is not even among the top ten of the universes’s most effective mass murderers, all he did was to wash out a little river valley at a time when humans were relatively rare and nuke a small town.

    Thanos killed half of the entire universe and he picked one that contained planets just crammed full of people. Many of those worlds were entirely covered in cities and must have had populations in the tens of thousands of millions. He then planned to wipe out the other half but failed in this mission because he was never a long-term planner nor a very deep thinker.

    But even Thanos was a poor achiever. In the TV serial, “Fringe”, Mr. William Bell tried to wipe out two entire universes to create a third one without Humanity. He was silly and impatient. Had he but waited a while, humans would have done the job for him without harming any other planets.

    However, even Mr. Bell [played by the wonderful actor, Mr. Spock] was a low-scoring amateur. It is possible that the true “winners” of the trophy were Davros and the Daleks who tried to eliminate all realities across the Multiverse.

    Now, those were high achievers. Though, to be sure, they did mostly fail so maybe they and Mr. Bell would better be called “attempted mass murderers”?

    In his novel “Ultima” [Spoilers ahead] Mr. Baxter did apparently succeed where Davros and his pets failed so perhaps he takes the title?

    In the short story, “The Nine Billion Names OF God”, Mr. A. C. Clarke sort of [Again with the spoilers] implies the wrapping up of the universe so he makes the top ten. He is way ahead of the ineffectual Jewish god simply because the population involved is larger but he is possibly well below Thanos and Mr. Baxter because he did not mention aliens.

    There are other – albeit fictional – mass murderers who tried or managed a lot better than JHV. Indeed, old Jaweh may not be in the top one thousand.

    Surtur and others were ahead of him, too.

    Should one include reality in the list, Enola Gay would have a good claim to a higher score than that of JHV. As would quite a few 20th Century leaders.

    JHV was an amateur.


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