Good God. J&M is four years old today.

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  1. Rob A says:

    Many happy returns!

  2. duchessa says:

    Happy Birthday J&M! By the by, since we’re talking about man sex, how does Jesus and Mo feel about their sleeping arrangements? I’ve always wondered about that.

  3. Ah-Ben says:

    Happy Birthday!
    Thank you for four years of excellent cartoons and highly intelligent commentary. Jesus and Mo is very pernicious ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. fontor says:

    J & M are no gayer than Ernie and Bert. I mean, really.

  5. DragonsDream says:

    it’s as if lesbians don’t exist… well, at least then I’m safe from the religious reich

  6. kiyaroru says:

    Happy Birthday!
    I hope J&M are with us for many more.

  7. skeptical agnostic says:

    Happy Birthday J&M!

  8. Dave N says:

    ….or any gayer than Morecambe and Wise.

  9. Atheismo says:

    In honor of J&M’s four years, I vow to use the word “pernicious” in normal conversation at least ten times today. (Talking about the J&M strip does not count.)

  10. Scott says:

    Happy Birthday…..

    Well, birthday anyway, you do insult my religion (quite humourously too at times) ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. sgsax says:

    Dang, you kill me every time! Congrats on keeping going for 4 years. (And bring back Moses, please)

  12. Bodach says:

    Happy Birthday! It would be great to see Moses’ new look!

  13. John Moore says:

    Is it just me or does the guy on Jesus’ mag cover look like Mo without a turban? Pernicious indeed!! Happy B’Day J & M….

  14. Chris says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope to see your strip for many more years.

  15. Poor Richard says:

    Four years? That’s longer than the average new small business. If you have a cake, just be sure to check its insides before lighting the candles.

    Have you all noticed the proposed call from Islam to the United Nations to ban blasphemy around the world? — all religions, all countries. Now THAT is how to insure that truth will be fenced out everywhere, forever.

    As Poor Richard says, “True blasphemy is taking the Koran and the Old Testament literally.” –Such loving gods! Or even worse, applying Revelations as a realistic reading of an actual near future.

    I used to think the phrase “drowning in our own shit” applied mainly to water, soil, and air pollution. I think superstition is going to get us first.

  16. fra says:

    Hippy Yardbath

  17. nina says:

    No one things about gay male sex as much as the religious right does – not even gay men.

    & since women rarely count with these people, it’s not surprising that they tend to forget all about lesbians.

    But what always surprises me is that they also seem oblivious to kinky straights.

  18. EJL says:

    Flappy Mirthday, Jesus & Mo!

  19. Meisnerman says:

    Happ Birthday Boys! Congratulations author! Keep up the pernicious man se…er um, good work!

  20. Aztek says:

    Yay! Ray Comfort as the poster boy.

  21. Stephen Turner says:

    Happy Birthday! I looked up your Patron Saints
    for Nov 24 and found Our Lady of Walsingham (in England)
    but you might prefer St. Andrew Dung-Lac.


    You also get Our Lady of the Mercies, the patron saint of
    Barcelona (but she isn’t in the list above).

    Anyway, may they all have mercy on Author’s soul.

  22. Daoloth says:

    In the words of our American friends, “Four more years! Four more years!”
    Happy birthday. Keep up the god-botherer bothering.

  23. Flea says:

    Yes! I second duchessa’s motion: I want to know what are the sleeping arrangements of Jesus and Mo, and also why they never hit on the (very lovely) barmaid!

  24. Robert says:

    Congrats on four good years!

  25. Bob H says:

    Happy Birthday!
    YAY! Banana Boy on the cover!
    Thinking about man sex and bananas!

  26. John Moore says:

    I had to google Ray Comfort “banana man”, geeze its guys like that that make me proud to be atheist.

  27. Grandma says:

    Happy birthday, and keep up the good snark!

  28. Cafeeine says:

    You mean you share a Birthday with the publication of “On the Origin of Species?” Huzzah!

  29. Intelligent Designer says:

    Happy Birthday! So, today is the start of A.C. 4 (Anno Scriptor IV), then?

    Sorry if that’s bad Latin – someone better check and correct it before it becomes official, eh?

  30. Zep says:

    Congratulations on completing your 4th trip around the solar system, J&M! And well done Author, for assisting them. PS. Can’t wait to see the barmaid’s new look!

  31. Sach says:

    Happy Birthday J & Mo!
    Keep ’em coming.

  32. Robert Green Ingersoll says:

    Many Happy Returns on the 4th anniversary of J&M’s unholy debut!

  33. Daoloth says:

    Thanks for the banana link. Sheesh. I now know what Tom Lehrer meant when he said that Kisinger’s nobel prize was beyond satire.

  34. aiaiai says:

    Congratulations and thanks!

  35. Jaecp says:

    Happy birthday!

    I miss jesus’s scraggly beard ๐Ÿ™ Mo looks like he has this really angry 5-oclock shadow. I thought you were making these new ones in MS Paint when I first read them.

    Viva la old beards!

  36. MartinDH says:

    Intelligent Designer: It’s A.C. V. It works A.D. (or C.E.)

  37. Waldemar says:

    Thanks for these great strips and a happy birthday

  38. ketil.G says:

    happy birthday J&m i hope J & m are still alive for many many many years

  39. Rafael says:

    4 years already? Time does fly. Author, thank very much for giving us these clever and highly enjoyable cartoons. We need to start planning the party for the fifth anniversary in 2010!!

  40. I’ve held off commenting because I’ve been reading the entire series, from beginning to today.

    Now it’s time – I LOVE IT! Thanks for the laughs!

    Oh, and as for the artwork, who cares? Both versions are great because of the WRITING! So those who are freaking out and threatening not to read it anymore ’cause they don’t like the artwork – come on, really?

  41. Hobbes says:

    Congratulations! Author for President of U.S. NO! Never mind. Washington would corrupt god! Hmmm. Come to think of it, god must have already been there.

  42. Jash says:

    Congrats on the completion of 4 years… I hope you continue the good work for a long time to come..

  43. Toast in the machine says:

    Indeed, congratulations and many happy returns!

  44. Tim says:

    Four moar years! Four moar years!

    Meanwhile: sharing the anniversary with Evolution Day? Awesome!

    Just out of interest, for a possible future installment, does the Koran or the Bible say anything about a ‘woman lying with a woman’? They are pretty clear on the whole gay sex thing being filthy but can anyone else imagine the barmaids reaction to the double standard of Mo approving of lesbian sex? (especially considering it is quite common in harems apparently).

  45. Hobbes says:

    “. . . does the Koran or the Bible say anything about a โ€˜woman lying with a womanโ€™?”

    I’ve searched that subject in the Bible and did not find any prohibition. It could very well be that God likes to watch. Who doesn’t? Woo Woo!

  46. Paper Hand says:

    I can’t believe no one commented on the quote on the back of Jesus’ magazine. “Man asks: ‘How do you know that?'” = Persecution. So true! ๐Ÿ˜€

  47. Pappy mcfae says:

    I’ve read four years in two nights. Love this stuff! Many happy returns!

  48. fenchurch says:

    It must be hard for homophobes to not think about two gorgeous oiled men, flexed muscles rippling below their tanned skin, in a tight sweaty embrace. They, as men, would know what a strong, smooth hairless hand might feel like, caressing their body, with a touch innately endowed by the advantage of similar self-explorations that no woman could ever know of.

    I bet they would find it hard to keep their breathing normal, to envision something as repulsive as a strong delectable specimen of male pulchritude, groomed and oozing sinful lusty intent, overpower them with strength of muscle and desire, to forcibly disrobe and overcome their feeble protests and defenses.

    The allure of such perversions, they think, would be met by their resisting, first by closed-mouth refusals, but then open, hungry kisses once the first moan escapes their lips. They hate the sin and start to feel drawn to the sinner, possessed of a body and needs so similar to their own, that when they picture the sweaty grasp of the embrace that fuses their bodies as one, they imagine themselves losing identity and succumbing to the flesh.

    As they imagine the horror of being compromised in an unnatural, throbbing way that is totally against nature and is a slippery, heart-pounding abomination, they recoil at the intense wave of ecstasy that shatters the boundaries of sensation as every nerve in their untried bodies explodes with pleasures hitherto unexplored and expressly banned by their holy texts.

    And, I’m sure, as the homophobes lay panting in a sweat-and-lube-soaked puddle, they thank their God that the ordeal of imagining extreme sin is over, but are willing to prove their unwavering faith and manliness by picturing that which disgusts them most as many times as the good lord bids them to contemplate such evils.


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