They took that well!

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  1. M27Holts says:

    I bet that the cock and Bull isn’t within 500m of a Mosque or it would lose it’s license….

  2. Keith Levkoff says:

    I’m afraid I find this particular panel quite unrealistic.
    I can’t imagine either of them taking that reply anywhere near that well.

  3. dr john the wipper says:

    and I identify as a nudist, and as catholic-raised atheist, and as an over-50 year husband, as a retired chemist-turned computer guy, and as a fervent drinker of special beers (mainly Tripels and Weizener, but especially any not-yet-drunken varieties).
    And if you want/need to address me, Jan, or Hey, or almost anything will do.

  4. Shaughn says:

    Keith, can you imagine it is either that, or not being served? The thirst, oh, the thirst!

  5. M27Holts says:

    Islam forbids the consumption of Alcohol , so Mo in a pub is deliberately Islamophobic…and lets have more of the same…

  6. M27Holts says:

    Mr Wipper , do you wear underpants when manning the barby?

  7. paradoctor says:

    This cartoon refutes identity politics.

  8. vansteenbrugge ignace says:

    Nice, one could use the same for transpeople who “identify” as another sex…

  9. Choirboy says:

    Obviously J’s pronouns are ‘we’ and ‘us’ but as a third of him is sitting on a cloud and spirits don’t consume much beer the barmaid won’t be exercising her bicep any more than usual.

  10. dr john the wipper says:

    re barbie (You DID mean bbq I assume):
    I certainly do NOT wear underpants!
    If I am grilling something that might spatter hot fat, I am not only concerned about my lower belly, but also about my chest. In those cases I DO wear a (total-front) apron, but there is little need to protect my buttocks.

    (could you really not devine that for yourself??

  11. M27Holts says:

    Mr Wipper, you could be a free-solo Nudist, who likes to live on the edge and risk a burnt sausage….

  12. M27Holts says:

    No pork scratchings for Mo though….

  13. dr john the wipper says:

    Ooch. I am a naturist (in anglophone countries usually not distiguised from nudist), and definitely NOT a masochist!

  14. M27Holts says:

    I have no hang ups about nudity. I have contracted in Holland in the 90’s and shared many a shower with naked ladies. I am mature enough to recognise that nudity and shared showers are not sexual in pre-work scenario’s whereas a lot of religious people equate nudity with sex….a false hypothesis I feel….

  15. dr john the wipper says:


    Equating nudity to sex really is riduculity.

    I remember one time going to the beach, accomponied by: my wife, her sister and mother, my daughter, and the neighbours wife.It was an outing with my stepparents dog.
    It was in my stronger days, but I really am baffled by the isea alone!

    (did I already mention I am a lifelong monogamic?)


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