The first of the scheduled resurrections.

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  2. Intelligent Designer says:

    One of the best, Author!
    Who is Moses calling a bastard, by the way? I would have thought the epithet suited Jesus best.

  3. Lehooo says:

    Someone has been reading about Protagoras and Socrates’/Plato’s argument against him. It’s a very good argument!

  4. Bodach says:

    So is Mo’s Imam like Schrodinger’s Cat? I got your relativism right here, buddy!
    Nice work, Author!

  5. A classic! One of my favorites as well! Moses reminds me of my po-mo colleagues….

  6. wright1 says:

    @Bodach: Bwahahaa! The Indeterminate Imam, love it!!

  7. Dick M says:

    Great cartoon! But why are the words coming thru so weakly on this cartoon? It’s as if not enough ink was on the author’s pen when he wrote the words.

  8. Gk4c4 says:

    One of the best, definitely!
    “Epistemological relativism may be true to you, but it isn’t true to everyone”
    sez Mo to ‘ses !! religions are not MADE the same ……

  9. plente says:

    Epistem?…true to?….uhhh…*Chortle*….Guffaw!….BWAAAAHahahahahaha!

    Thanks, I needed that.

  10. nina says:

    hoisted by his own petard!

    love it

  11. Unruly Simian says:

    Nothing from the Author concerning the new Mosque going up at Ground Zero in New York City? Thought that would be an ideal topic of a J&M strip!!!!

  12. Silverburn says:

    Just found this:

    Which reminded me of this comic.

  13. David Ellis says:

    I think this is my favorite one yet. I wish I’d seen it earlier this week during a forum discussion with some New Agers who kept saying everyone has their own reality.

  14. louis says:

    my only problem w/ using moses like this is that moses is the paradigmatic jew of the hebrew bible. and the hebrew bible is NOT relativistic. it’s as filled w/ laws as any collection of hadiths.


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